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Successfully represented thousands of employees and employers on wrongful and constructive dismissal matters, resulting in millions of dollars of settlements paid or in some cases saved.

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“I approached Whitten & Lublin for assistance with regard to review of a termination agreement. I chose the firm after reviewing the information on their website, as well as a number of articles and reviews. The fact that the firm is focused on employment law, their approach and track record all indicated that they were a solid choice.” – Toby Steele

“I’m extremely happy with my decision to go with the lawyers at Whitten & Lublin. I, like many others, suffered wrongful dismissal during the recession and I decided to meet with Whitten & Lublin law firm after hearing great recommendations about their work. I felt at ease right from the start. I could tell they were experts in their field from the initial consultation and I felt like I was in great hands. Sure enough, working with them has led a positive outcome to my case. My heartfelt thanks to the lawyers at Whitten & Lublin.”

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